Can we bring our pets?

We are happy to host both you and your pet, however at this time we do only allow 1 pet per cottage. Feel free to contact us if you have some extenuating circumsances.

Can we have guests?

Absolutely! We've hosted lots of guests since we started welcoming people to the farm and many have had their own guests visit. Our policy is that you've paid for the cottage and so you may use it as you wish (within respectable reason!)

How much parking is available?

Immediately adjacent to the cottages is enough room to comfortably park 6 cars. More can be arranged should it be required.

Can we book both cottages simultaneously?

Absolutely! This something that has happened many times, be it contractors staying with us to compelte a job in the area or families meeting up from across the country. Simply book what you need and when you need it, we'll look after you from there. Just book one cottage and then book the other.

We'd like to have our whole family with us, is there really enough room?

Certainly there is! The garden at 20x20m is larger than the majority of domestic gardens to accomodate you all in the fair weather and with the huge living/dining room in Varden house, we've had several large family dinners hosted there even on Christmas day! Both cottages sport fully fitted kitchens with dishwashers, overs, hobs, sinks etc and plenty of worktop space for you to work with. If required, you can book both cottages together for either part of or your entire stay.

Are cots and highchairs available?

Babies and children are of course welcome at Seaford Farm, we have one ourselves! We're pleased to be able to offer a cotbed and a highchair as required. Just be sure to let us know before you arrive so that we can have them available for you.

I broke a glass, have I lost my security deposit?

Not at all. Minor breakages are part and parcel of life. Glases break, teaspoons vanish, plates get chipped or broken. All we ask is that you let us know before you leave so that we can be sure that the next guest has a full compliment. The security deposit is for larger scale damage such as to the walls to the walls or the oven, furnishings and the like.

What laundry facilities do you have?

Both our washing machine and tumble dryer are located in our utility room, which is a short 20m walk across the driveway from the cottages. These facilities are open to guests on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, between the hours of 09:00 and 17:00 in the summer and 10:00 and 15:00 in te winter in an effort to have them powered from the solar array. Detergent and conditioner are provided if you wish to use them. A rotary washing line is also provided for drying your clothes which we do encourage when the weather permits.

Seaford Farm Cottages

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